Precision medicine, genetic profiling, targeted therapies

A three-stage customized journey to fight cancer

Every cancer is unique: understanding its deep nature is key to effectively fight it. Virtually all the tumors arise because of specific genomic alterations, driving cancer growth and making it different from any other. The tumor’s genetic profiling can identify the alterations in the cancer DNA, both in liquid and solid tumors.

Every cancer is unique: a targeted strategy is the best way to effectively fight it. By exploiting its highly qualified Scientific Committee, which integrates the genetic results with the clinical experience in targeted therapies, Medendi can find the right therapeutic options for every specific cancer type, and propose patients the best treatment solutions.

stage 1


By examining the patient’s clinical documentation, the Medendi Scientific Committee evaluates the opportunity to proceed with the genomic profiling of the tumor.

stage 2

Genomic profiling

Medendi arranges the genomic profiling test of the patient’s tumor, advising the most appropriate molecular test and managing the whole process with no stress for the patient.

stage 3


Building on the Member’s clinical experience, the Scientific Committee analyzes the genetic test results to indicate the most appropriate therapeutic options available, including clinical trials.

A patient story:
Andrea Bizzarri

Since 2012, Andrea has been fighting against a duodenal tumor. He had surgery and the problem seemed solved. Unfortunately, after a while, a new liver metastasis was found, forcing him to restart therapies, including a cycle of radiotherapy. The effects of the therapies were not durable, and Andrea decided to contact Medendi.

Andrea’s tumor genomic profiling test has revealed a specific mutation, known to cause resistance to the therapy he was undergoing. These results allowed Andrea to shift immediately to a different treatment, known to be effective in this setting. This turned out the be the case.

Thanks to the consistent reduction in tumor volume, Andrea had a successful liver surgery in November 2020 and today he is disease-free (under maintenance therapy).

A journey
customized for
each patient

The patient is not required to move, and the full recommendation process takes on average 4 weeks.

The Evaluation process starts online by filling the contact form or scheduling a call with a Medendi Specialist; the clinical documentation is sent by email and Medendi replies in approximately three days.

The genetic profiling test is made on the same tissue sample used for diagnosis (the patient may obtain the sample from the treating anatomo-histopathology department) or using a few ml of a peripheral blood withdraw.

The Medendi Scientific Committee interprets the results of the genetic profiling and shares with the patient its recommendation for the most appropriate treatment options available. The genetic profiling + recommendation phase is completed in about 3 weeks.


Clinical trial matching

This is a service part of the Recommendation phase. However, this service can be offered independently to patients who already have genetic and/or molecular information and desire to explore this opportunity.

Second opinion

Asking for a second opinion may help the patient and the oncologist to confirm the ongoing therapeutical choices or identify alternative or integrative options. Medendi can directly provide a second opinion via the Scientific Committee or address the patient’s request to specialized excellence centers.

General assistance

Medendi supports the patients and the families in accessing the therapies provided by selected medical center and specialists. Medendi can offer a full-service assistance, providing support for general bureaucracy, documentation, and logistics, including the travel organization, accommodation, clinical check-in, and translators on-site.


Sequencing the tumor DNA will uncover the specific nature of the disease, but this is not enough. The experts’ scientific competences are key to turn the knowledge into the most effective treatment options. The Medendi process integrates advanced technologies, the highly qualified Scientific Committee, the possibility to access the most qualified centers and an effective co-operation with the oncologists.

Targeted therapies in centers of excellence

Based on the specific tumor genetic profile, the Medendi Scientific Committee recommends the patient with the centers of excellence where the most effective targeted treatments are available.

Clinical Trials

Medendi considers any therapeutical option, including the enrolment in clinical trials and the compassionate use of existing approved drugs.

An open relation
with patients

Medendi provides updates for any therapeutic option that may become available and engage with the patient and the trusted oncologists for any decision.

Hub of
oncology experts

Medendi is a hub for accessing exclusive competences and cutting-edge clinical centers for diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of oncological diseases.

and experience

The Medendi Scientific Committee includes highly competent experts, members of trusted Italian and foreign research centers for oncology. Prof. Maurizio Scaltriti, Medendi Vice President, formerly Associate Director of Translational Science, Center for Molecular-Based Therapies – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, currently Vice President of Translational Medicine, Early Oncology – AstraZeneca, is coordinating the Scientific Committee and the assignment of the medical cases to the specialist members.


Picture of Giorgio Pasetto

Giorgio Pasetto


Executive Chairman, Operations

Medical Doctor

Picture of Maurizio Scaltriti

Maurizio Scaltriti


Scientific Advisor, VP

Associate Director of
Translational Science, Center
for Molecular-Based Therapies
Memorial Sloan Kettering
Cancer Center

Massimo Benassi


Paolo Cavaggioni


Finance and Legal

Giorgio Ferrari


IT Infrastructures

Marco Marastoni


Branding, Graphic Design

Giorgio Maugini



Gianmarco Molinari



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